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This year I decided to do DIY decor along with a few new Halloween decorations. I usually buy my decorations and only make my costume. I started out doing one small project that turned into a table arrangement and a few outside decorations. I hope you enjoy making this beautiful Pumpkin Flower Pot as much as I did.

01 Ceramic Pumpkin Flower Pot
What you will need:

  • Orange Paint ( multi-purpose)
  • A ceramic flower pot
  • Paint brush 1large, 1 medium
  • Faux flower leaves 1–2 steams
  • Natural Wire Twine
  • Newspaper or something you feel comfortable paint dripping on
  • Cup or glass with water for paint brushes

I really enjoyed doing this simple design. Feel free to add a face to your pumpkin or seasonal flowers. This could certainly be used indoor or outdoor.


  1. Place pumpkin a steady surface on top of you newspaper or other chosen material.
  2. Next take your large paint brush and begin to paint your pumpkin with the orange paint.
  3. Use the medium brush for hard to reach areas.
  4. Let dry for at least 4 hours before apply a new layers
  5. Once the pumpkin is dry add the Natural Wire Twine around the rim of the flower pot
  6. Finally attach the Faux flower leaves to the wire tightly

    All done!!

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