Thinking of Traveling During a Pandemic?

3 min readJul 20, 2021


Here is my experience while traveling during COVID19

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After spending over a year at home and not being able to travel, going on vacation really felt like a true getaway. Before COVID traveling was one of those things I expected to do a few times a year alongside visiting family and friends. There would be very few times where I took more than 4 days off. When I would request more than 4 days, a part of me would feel like it’s too much. The other part of me wanted to venture out to the same places.

I overcame the guilty feelings and thinking inside the box. I wanted to go places and have new experiences. When I travel now I try to stay in an area where I can drive less than an hour for food and entertainment. For my last trip, my husband and I were able to go to five major beaches. Each one had its own unique edge. Although the water might have been the same, the surroundings made a huge difference.

I didn’t expect COVID to be as prominent as it has been when I first found out. I remember being released from work and asked to take my laptop home until further notice. I was already used to working from home so it wasn’t much of a big deal. I never imagined working from home remotely 100% into this year. By the way, cabin fever is real.

I traveled by car to another state and recently made my way back on a plane. It’s interesting because mask requirements were required in one and relaxed in the other destination. Regardless of the restrictions, I made sure my family took heavy precautions. Although the safety recommendations change often it’s still important to be careful. I’m sure you know someone who has had COVID.

If you haven’t been to an airport prior to the pandemic, I would suggest you review the CDC guidelines and stay informed on what’s going on with the airline you chose. I usually download the app prior to my travel date or follow them on social media. Another good resource is the travel app for Google. The one thing that seems to never change about flying is having to go to the airport hours before a flight. Don’t be the person running to your gate with a wheelless suitcase, I’ve seen this too many times. Yes, there will be unforeseen circumstances that you can’t help like traffic.

If you happen to forget your mask, be ready to find or purchase one prior to boarding the plane. While onboard I noticed if someone lowered a mask the flight attendant would immediately ask the person to put it back on. Unless you’re eating you will have to wear your mask the entire time, even if you have been vaccinated. If you plan on taking a nap during your flight, which most people do, you will probably have to wear it then as well.

I personally didn’t find anything wrong with the restrictions during my 4-hour flight. The only real thing I found challenging was social distancing. We all know how crowded airports can be, so expect to be closer than the recommended 6 feet.

Safe Travels.




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